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I'm entirely too horny for a PG-13 Tumblr. This blog is incredibly NSFW know, don't be a dick and complain.

However, please enjoy all the dick I post :)

This is how I get it all out.

I like these things.

p.s. do me a solid and don't send me any personal dirty messages or posts that would be questionable to my significant other who does check this blog regularly. -A

Jul 16

sorry I don’t follow most of you back.

So many underage kids :/

I can’t stop you from being horny, but isn’t there something more age appropriate for you to be doing besides reblogging cum shots and proclaiming what a whore you are on the internet?

I’m not saying don’t masturbate or don’t have sex but is that REALLY what you think of yourselves? Dirty fuckers and kinky sluts? Come the fuck on. You should realize how stupid and desperate you sound.

Want to fly your whore flag high and proud? That’s what college is for. It’s severely creepy that with current estimates, 75% of my followers are under the age of 18.

You are the reason I’m terrified of having children of my own.

18+ please. I don’t want to be on some list somewhere.

I require this outfit.

I require this outfit.

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Jul 15

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